Is Divorce The Actual Reason You’re Selling House?

Getting a divorce takes a lot from everybody – especially with the people directly involved. Splitting up can be hard, but you need to face it positively. You are going to split your lives up now and everything else with it. The truth can be hard to accept, but you need to face it. Now, the question Who gets to own the house?” becomes a crucial point of consideration. After all, you need to live far away from each other. You cannot just split it in two, wall-up along the delimiting line and then live next door to each other.

No matter what people on the process of breaking up say, breakups always cause stress regardless of how much everybody from both sides tries to make the situation agreeable. Emotional, psychological and financial issues are the three topmost stresses couples go through when on the process of a divorce. Why add the stress of who gets to keep the house on top of these three? No amount of denying will change the fact that splitting up a property can become a major stress factor when divorcing.

Sell your house fast!

Do away with the stress of conflicting arguments about house ownership. Break away from the hassle of waiting for the property agent you listed your house with to contact you when they are able to come up with a buyer, while your hotel bills or the issues with the house you have rented, in the meantime, are piling up. There are other options when selling houses that are more beneficially convenient than real property agents.

Here are few legitimate reasons why you should start considering your other options:

Why wait for eternity for a real estate agent when you can opt in online to some serious Real Estate Investors that will give you a NO OBLIGATION and ALL CASH OFFER! You just have to fill in an online form provided at their website with all the necessary details and they will contact you immediately. Their offer of “END YOUR STRESS NOW!” is true in its purest form and it comes with no other hidden clause after the punctuation.

Don’t start to get pessimistic now, you need all the positivity you can come up with in these tiring times. Talking to these kind of people is like coming face to face with their disclaimer; “Let us be the answer to you problem and let us help you shoo away your stress!”

Whether the property needs a face-lift, has a structure that is off-putting to the view and immovable or has serious damage, we will still come to you and give you a CASH OFFER that is FAIR and RIGHT. So there’s no need for you to stress over a broken attic window or a rundown fence. Your house is good as sold in whatever situation it is currently in.

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These are true and legitimate real property buyers who have come up with a new scheme more fitting to the kind of lives people are leading today. Today, people are inundated with very long to do engagements list, sometimes reducing the number also become a major task. Technology advancement may have contributed to this dismal schedule but it has also added some form of convenience. And one of these conveniences can be availed if you let companies like us – Kahuna Buys Houses – take care of your needs for you. Now, that is convenient. No need for you to make yourself very presentable for a meet up appointment to discuss terms and conditions when you hate to do so or the effort takes a lot from you.

No effort required from you!

Restoration is one of their aggressive call to attention that will be very beneficial for a lot of people. Especially the ones who are going through difficult times with their looming divorce and want to sell their houses in a hurry. For in the state of affairs divorcing couples are in; amicable or civil communication most of the times are near impossible. Particularly, talking about cosmetic renovation of a house you are splitting up. These reasons are not considered major setbacks for them to consider your house as viable item:

  • Issues with structures
  • Foreclosure
  • Undesirable neighborhoods
  • Cosmetic revitalization

Location is also not a problem because a lot of them are a nationwide company of house buyers who concentrate in Online House Buying and gives a serious cash offer. Not only can they pay fair and can do fast cash offers, deals are also closed in a matter of days in most cases if the house comes with a clear title. No commission and closing fee is another gem added to their favorable terms on top of the very enticing and convenient ones previously mentioned. The fair offer is what you’ll get; no less.

Now, read a very powerful battle cry from one of America’s greatest Real Property Buyers, for in this business what’s important and essential is the desire to be of help and not to profit.

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We’ve been in this business of buying houses for over a decade. We can buy your house even if it has zero equity and it is in a very poor condition. We all know that NO bank will be willing to finance such property especially if it has code violations, liens, and other legal problems! Now, because we are not Realtors; we have specialized in house buying and we have the complete Real Estate knowledge, authorized legal resources and the capacity to come up with ready and available FUNDS to fix most Real Estate issues for YOU!”

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Corey Peterson

Corey Peterson is the Managing Member of Kahuna Investments LLC. Through the strategic acquisition and management of premier multi - family properties, Kahuna Investments strives to provide its partners with stable cash flow returns and long term capital appreciation. Corey has flipped, renovated, converted, acquired and sold over 21 million in real estate in Arizona alone. He has also been involved in the ownership and management of over 13 Million dollars nationwide commercial and residential properties throughout his career. Kahuna Investments current multifamily portfolio totals over 334units and is valued at over $11M.

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