There are different reasons why a property owner would want to sell his house. Some maybe downgrading/upgrading, for some it could be a location issue, or maybe one can’t just keep up with the maintenance anymore. Whatever your reason maybe, here are some of the good-to-know information which can guide you in finding the right person to sell your house to or just simply finding the best way and option to sell your house fast!

So, what options do you really have when selling a house? How do you plan to sell it?

  • You can simply put a FOR SALE sign outside your house! That’s probably every sellers first step.
    Yes! This style still works especially for those buyers who are hands on and really taking their time driving around neighborhoods looking for the right place for them.

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  • Post your house for sale ONLINE!
    This is one of the easiest way to market your house for sale. This step doesn’t require money, paper works and much time, all you have to do is get to your computer and be online. Some of the websites you can use are Zillow and Craigslist. Very fast and easy! All you have to do is create an account (if you don’t have one yet), upload a picture of your home, put the property’s information, a brief description and you’re done! All you have to do is wait for someone to reach out to you and ask about your Ad.

After you’ve done online ads and sticking a for sale sign of course, you’ll feel the need to do more in order to sell your house fast! Your next option can probably be:

  • ‘Hiring an Agent’ – No matter how familiar we are about our own property, we can’t deny the fact that we only know very little when it comes to the process of selling it (except those that are realtors themselves). You can hire an Agent to do all the work for you and get buyers in the door but you have to be open with the idea of another person getting a certain percentage of the profit (Of course you have to pay a good amount of commission once they sold it!) And… some other fees here and there!

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And finally….

  • You can SELL your house to a cash buyer that can close on the date of your choice. Is this even real??? IT IS! One of the best options a seller has if he needs cash and wants to sell fast is to sell to an Investor who is interested in their neighborhood! You can reach them by calling or you can search them online, fill out a form and one of their professional team member will get back to you to talk about your property. Not only do they respond quickly, they can also give you an offer before you even know it!


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Corey Peterson

Corey Peterson is the Managing Member of Kahuna Investments LLC. Through the strategic acquisition and management of premier multi - family properties, Kahuna Investments strives to provide its partners with stable cash flow returns and long term capital appreciation. Corey has flipped, renovated, converted, acquired and sold over 21 million in real estate in Arizona alone. He has also been involved in the ownership and management of over 13 Million dollars nationwide commercial and residential properties throughout his career. Kahuna Investments current multifamily portfolio totals over 334units and is valued at over $11M.

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